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Building Relationships: Von Tobel Lumber and Hardware

Holladay Construction Group is once again living up to its motto of “Creating solutions. Building relationships.” We have begun a new relationships with Von Tobel Lumber and Hardware, a building materials supplier with locations in Valparaiso, Michigan City, Schererville and Lafayette.

Our work for Von Tobel began in Schererville, IN with a renovation of their retail facility there. We strove to meet their needs and exceed their expectations for the facility, which was evidenced when they reached out to us to help them with their additional renovations at the Michigan City and Valparaiso locations. Working closely with their team to provide our construction expertise, we have been able to help Von Tobel complete upgrades to their existing facilities that coordinate with a brand upgrade they are completing.

Holladay Construction Group is currently in the middle of the Valparaiso location renovation. We have completed extensive exterior upgrades and are now working on their interior office renovation.

Our company is not satisfied in merely providing the bare minimum in construction services. We have been able to set HCG apart from other construction companies by offering our clients a wealth of experience in general construction, construction management and design-build services. We strive to supply the best and highest solutions for each and every company we work with.

Our experience with Von Tobel has proven that our ambition of building quality relationships with our client-partners is just as important as the projects we create. We have been able to build our relationship each time we’ve worked with them and this relationship has resulted in additional projects as well as a wonderful testimonial after our work at the Michigan City location. We will be proud to continue our tradition of building quality projects and delivering the highest level of customer service and construction possible for Von Tobel.

Mutual respect is the best way to achieve not only a high-quality product, but to form a lasting relationship. Working as a team with our clients is the foundation of our success.

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