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Case Study: Hooters of America

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Holladay Construction Group has completed construction of a 5,500 square foot restaurant for Hooters of America at AmeriPlex at the Port in Portage, IN. This was a fast-moving project with an aggressive schedule through winter months. The project required a significant amount of coordination and schedule adjustments due to:

  • The large number of different trades and vendors working in the building at the same time.
  • The amount of moving parts and different finishes.
  • Getting the building enclosed during the winter

There was also a large amount of finished carpentry and different finishes that were all being working on during the last month of construction. This includes:

  • Wood siding (3 different types/species)
  • Wood ceilings (4 different types/species)
  • Tile flooring, vinyl flooring, walk-off carpet, & stained concrete.

Hooters had a very small and simple punch-list, but all the finish items took a lot of attention to detail from Holladay Construction Group’s field team.

Hooters – Portage was a very successful project for Holladay Construction Group and Hooters of America and we received a great testimonial from the owners.

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