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Case Study: Sheds on Charlotte

The Sheds on Charlotte is an industrial-to-office renovation encompassing an entire city block from 22nd and 23rd avenues along Charlotte Avenue in Nashville, TN.  The 1940s-era metal sheds, originally home to the deteriorating TDOT maintenance facility, were redeveloped into an edgy, light-filled office complex for tenants ForceX and InVivoLink.  
InVivoLink is a Nashville based Healthcare group that focuses on streamlining the planning and preparation for orthopedic and spinal surgeries.
ForceX, Inc. is a rapidly growing Department of Defense contractor touted as an industry leader in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) software development and geospatial application technology programs.

Throughout the design and construction process, extra attention was given to keep the “bones” of the structure and many of the architectural elements of the existing building in place. An example of this can be found in the open courtyards where the original steel trusses were left exposed and help create an outdoor space that flows seamlessly from building to building.
Aluminum and glass garage doors open up to the courtyards allowing daylight and breezes into the unconventional and creative work areas. Translucent wall panels were used on the end of the buildings providing abundant natural light that accentuates the volume of the space as well as providing a dramatic glow in the evening hours that can be seen along the Charlotte Avenue corridor. 
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