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Case Study: Brechbuhler Scales

Holladay Construction Group broke ground on this 12,000 SF scale service branch location in April of 2011.  The building features a pre-engineered system by Robertson Building Systems which, combined with other efficiency advantages in the building’s construction, provides a 30% gain in efficiency over traditional building methods.

Listed below are several advantages to consider when choosing a pre-engineered system. 

  • Pre-engineered building systems are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly building choice.
  • Nearly 100% of the metal used in pre-engineered steel construction is recyclable.
  • Metal roofs usually last between 40-60 years, are low maintenance, and can help increase energy efficiency while lowering operating and maintenance costs.
  • Strategically-designed pre-engineered systems can decrease the amount of materials needed for the building shell and are often more economical than other non-metal building materials,
  • Pre-engineered, metal roofs and wall panels can shrink waste due to their natural strength and ability to withstand damage from fire, wind and insects. 
  • Pre-engineered systems can help meet LEED, Green Globe or other certification requirements and can boost the energy efficiency of an existing building.

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