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Covalen Inc. headquarters featured in documentary

Holladay Construction Group completed a project for Covalen Inc. in Fall of 2012 that’s been featured in a documentary.

The documentary tells the story of Covalen’s new office building that required the dis-assembly, movement, renovation and re-installation of an 1890s barn from western Ohio to Indianapolis, IN.

The video is being dedicated to the memory of Amos Schwartz, who planned and coordinated the barn’s move. To finish the project, the owners are using Kickstarter. Check out the rough-cut version of the project, “The Resurrection of a Barn.”

Holladay Construction Group is excited about the video and has pledged to back the documentary project as a “Barn Reclaiming Friend.” We will also attend the Indianapolis film screening and have our name on a plaque hung in the barn.

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