Why the Construction Industry Needs More Women in Leadership

By Phil D'Amico, Director of Business Development

March is Women’s History Month, where we celebrate International Women’s Day and we take time to appropriately honor and recognize the many outstanding amazing women who make incredible contributions every day in our workforce and throughout our companies and communities. In the construction industry, this is especially important as there is much work still left to do in recruiting and promoting women to the highest executive level roles. Along with the Tech and Cyber Security industries, the Construction Industry and its “C” level leadership continues to be dominated by males.

Women in Construction

  • There are nearly 15 million people employed in the construction industry, and only 9% of them are female
  • Of that 9%, most of those women are working in administrative, office or support roles
  • The largest shortage of women in the construction industry are those working in Chief Executive officer positions, as well as those working in the field and on construction sites
  • A recent survey of the top 100 construction organization found that 44% of these companies had women in either executive or director level positions
  • The same survey shows only 16% of those companies had a woman in a “C” level position within the organization
  • And only 3% of the companies had a woman as key leader and manager in the field

Why the Discrepancy?

  • Clearly there are inherent gender bias issues and perceptions of a male dominated industry
  • Then there is fair compensation with on average, women earning about 95% of what a male would make in a very similar role
  • Women in construction also lack a significant number of role models that can help other women advance to higher levels
  • There is a shortage in career and technical education students in our U.S. high schools that are looking at a trade and or technical oriented positions
  • Public perception sees the construction industry as more dangerous for women than men

The Positives

  • The projected construction worker shortage offers both men and women to take advantage of potential robust employment opportunities in both the field and within executive leadership positions
  • Women with a trades background or career have the potential to earn 30% higher wages than women in traditionally female dominated
  • The number of Chief Executive Officer positions held by women in construction companies is expected to double by 2020, which is the highest growth rate of any industry in that same time period
  • Emphasis is being placed on finding, recruiting, and retaining women talent in the construction industry
  • The number of women in construction trade associations, and mentoring and peer groups is growing
  • Attention is being paid to the executive advancement of women in construction.

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