Case Study - Superior Construction Company

In early 2015, the principals of Superior Construction Company approached the Holladay Team with an opportunity for us to design and build a new corporate office facility for them. Superior Construction Company has been in business for over 75 years in the NWI region and has a solid reputation as a respectable and successful general contractor. For Holladay to have the opportunity to build their new corporate office facility was an honor and a privilege, and we wanted to make sure that we utilized all of our design/build skills to ultimately make this project a success in every measurable form.

Working with Superior on the initial design and programing of the facility was a collaborative effort, expedited and communicated at a better than average pace due to the shared knowledge of this process in working with another contractor.

Project Team

  • General Contractor:    Holladay Construction Group
  • Civil Contractor:    Superior Construction Company
  • Architecture and Interiors:    Holladay Properties
  • Furnishings:    Lincoln Office
  • Civil Engineering:    Tiemens Nagai Surveying & Engineering
  • Landscape:    Lakeshore Landscaping
Architectural lighting over break area seating
Main hallway
Private office
Open office area
Open office area
Outdoor patio/break area
Private office
The vestibule at Superior Construction’s new building in Portage, IN
New retaining wall featuring back-lit, metal signage
Secondary conference/meeting area
Skylights over open office area
Superior Construction's new facility at AmeriPlex at the Port


The Superior Construction Company new Northwest Indiana Corporate Office Headquarters is a 10,525 sq. ft. commercial office building with a partial basement of 5,775 sq. ft. on a 5.39 acre site at the AmeriPlex at the Port Business Park in Portage, IN. The building features a structural precast concrete envelope with conventional steel columns and roof joists. The interior is metal stud and drywall construction. The interior layout consists of perimeter private offices with an interior open office concept. The office boasts multiple conference rooms and small break out team areas, as well as an employee lounge area and breakroom with a full working kitchen. All of the private offices have full glass walls to the interior open office that allow natural light to penetrate to the open office area. This along with three large Kal-Wall skylights floods the interior open office with natural light to enhance productivity and overall employee comfort. The interior finishes are carpet and luxury vinyl tile, paint and vinyl wall covering, with Corian surfaces, as well as numerous stainless steel/aluminum and glass trim features. Furnishings were by Steelcase.


Superior Construction has received numerous and prestigious safety awards from various local and national affiliations.

Notable awards/recognitions recently received:

  • NMAPC Zero Lost Work Days Gold Star Award (2011-2013) - The National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee (NMAPC) Gold Star award is one of the most prestigious safety award programs in the construction industry.
  • 2013: 1,766,490 work hours with zero recordable injuries.
  • 2012: 1,027,169 work hours with zero recordable injuries.
  • 2011: 1,784,260 work hours with zero recordable injuries.
  • ICA Golden Summit Award (2008-2014) - The ICA Safety Program Awards recognize Indiana Construction Association member general contractors, prime contractors, construction managers and subcontractors for their commitment to excellence in employee and jobsite safety.

When it came time to build their own headquarters facility, HCG and Superior wanted to make sure we continued this policy and completed this project with zero lost time accidents. Our Site Superintendent met with Superior Management Personnel regularly to review together that all safety practices were enforced on the project. This project was completed with zero lost time accidents.

Excellence in Partnering and Teamwork

Superior has been in the NWI community for over 75 years and in the national construction industry for just as long with numerous projects across the country. The creation of a new NWI headquarters was the first opportunity Superior has had to showcase themselves as a leader in the NWI construction community. They had physically outgrown their corporate office facilities and needed a new home to house their in-house staff of executives, estimators, and accounting department. Superior reshaped this pivotal moment in their company’s momentum as an opportunity to re-develop their corporate image and enhance their ability for future growth by deciding to expand from Gary to Portage with a new NWI Corporate Office Headquarters facility.

Superior Construction decided to use the Design/Build team of Holladay Construction Group and Holladay Properties to implement their vision. The collaborative effort of Holladay Construction and the Holladay Properties Design Team facilitated the Design/Build nature of the project. Being able to integrate the design and budgeting process allowed for faster delivery of construction documents to the client that were within scope and on budget. Superior’s experience in the industry lent well to allowing them to make fast decisions regarding design intent and costs. The team work on both the client side and design-build side integrated into a cooperative effort that enhanced the success of the project.

The Holladay Team further enhanced the execution of the project through exceptional project management. Through diligent construction management and meticulous jobsite management, the Holladay Team provided a high-quality environment for performance driven success. Turn-around time on RFI’s and submittals was kept to a strict minimum. Sub-contractor coordination was the highest priority to ensure project schedule was met to keep with the client’s needs. The basics of a “superior” project, Quality – Budget – Schedule, were the driving factors behind the project management team at all times.

Innovation and Uniqueness in Construction Techniques

The Holladay Properties Design Team ensured innovation and uniqueness were dynamically integrated into the design intent of the project. The Holladay Construction Team ensured that those same principals were executed throughout construction. With an accelerated schedule needing to be met, it was decided to use a precast concrete structure for the envelope of the building. This allowed for faster erection and crucial enclosure from the elements as the project headed into the unpredictable fall months of NWI weather. Throughout design, many best practice principals, were implemented to ensure the product delivered to the client would be thermally efficient with climate responsive envelope elements, such as high R-value wall and roof components and reflective low U value window systems. This, coupled with a zone optimized mechanical system, allows for the overall building performance to enhance occupant comfort and productivity. The three large skylights in the open office, as well as full glass walls of the perimeter offices, allow for natural light to flood the interior of the building, providing occupants with a sense of connectivity to outside, a proven enhancer of productivity and overall well-being.

Sympathy for the Environment and its Surroundings

Superior Construction’s building site at AmeriPlex at the Port, an Indiana Wildlife Federation Ecosystem Level 3 Certified Wildlife Friendly Habitat, is adjacent to the Portage Parks Foundation Deer Creek Trail Park within close proximity to the Little Calumet River. The building site selection was sympathetic to this land and every precaution was taken to ensure limited impact from development on the park land. Topography was altered to ensure storm water drainage impact would be limited and mitigated prior to running off into the park. Natural and indigenous plant species were also used in the landscape design around the building.

Character and Value that was Added to the Community

In addition to the overall appeal of the building design, Superior also installed an MSE wall product, just as they use in much of their bridge and road construction projects around the country. This wall has a two-old function. Not only does it captivate ones attention as you approach their building, but it also is combats the site erosion on the west site where the topography grade changes dramatically. Again Superior took what was a seemingly unattractive potion of the property and turned it into an opportunity to showcase their mark on the construction industry as well as add value and character to their property and the AmeriPlex at the Port Business Park.


Superior Construction came to the Holladay Team wanting a forward thinking design that would grab the attention of visitors and passerby’s alike. The Holladay Properties Design Team integrated the wants and needs of the client into an aesthetically pleasing office facility that has the “Wow” factor Superior was hoping to get. Holladay Construction and its collaborative efforts with the tradesmen and craftsman on the jobsite turned that vision into reality. The painstaking care that was given by each trade and artist on the project shows in the attention to detail and care that was given by all to create an exemplary finished product. From the ceramic tile work, to the drywall finish details at the skylights, to the craftsmanship of the custom made cabinetry, and the artisan stained precast stone entry accent wall, each trade took extra care and pride in their efforts to create an outstanding work of art and design throughout the building both inside and out.

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