Damar Building 4 SAT2

"After our 'walk-through' of the building project on Monday, April 1st, we want to express our gratitude for Holladay satisfying Damar's needs throughout this project to date. The walk-through included Dr. Nance, our various Directors of the Programs here on Campus, and our Vice President of Residential Services.

As a whole, Damar is amazed at the progress during this last month, not to mention the overall progress due to the inclement winter weather we have been experiencing! Those on the walk-through are very excited to see such progress at each monthly interval – the buzz “upstairs” is full of enthusiasm! 

And thanks to Steve [Reeve, HCG Superintendent], we feel the project’s schedule is moving at an accelerated pace…we see Steve’s dedication to this project and his skills to keep the contractor work moving forward with an ever-changing schedule to make up days in the schedule. His attention to detail on the job is very reassuring!"

- Mike & Cathy Smith - Damar Services, Inc. (April 2, 2019)