NewPorte Landing MOB

NewPorte Landing MOB building
NewPorte Landing MOB facade
NewPorte Landing MOB building side
NewPorte Landing MOB registration
NewPorte Landing MOB hallway
NewPorte Landing MOB nurse's station

Location: 401 Newporte Blvd. | La Porte, IN 46350
Project Type: New medical office building construction
Size: 11,700 square feet
Owner: LaPorte Newporte MOB LLC
Architect: Curran Architecture
Completed: May 6, 2020

Holladay Construction Group has completed construction of a new, 11,700 SF medical office building for La Porte Hospital's primary and urgent care clinic. The facility was developed by Holladay Properties at the 50 acre NewPorte Landing development located at the Pine Lane Avenue and Truesdell Avenue in La Porte, IN. The project broke ground in September 2019 and received a Certificate of Occupancy on May 6, 2020.